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Visit of the Archaeological Museum
Visit of the remains of the Roman theatre below Palazzo Vecchio
Remains of thermal baths in the basement of Torre della Pagliazza
Guided walking tour of Florence

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This is a journey that goes back in time, aiming to discover Florence in the times of the Roman Empire. A hidden and little known Florence, buried under the medieval city and the modern one. Despite the great nineteenth-century demolitions of the historic center and the Second World War, it is still possible to identify traces of the ancient Roman city in the Florentine urban fabric.

There are many Roman remains still visible today in Florence. Our itinerary will tickle your imagination: it will let you see ​​what the city was like at the beginning of its history, and it will allow you to discover a lost Florence, just as rich and prestigious as today millions of tourists and Florentines can admire on the surface!

This itinerary is specifically designed to give you an in-depth knowledge of the Roman origins of Florence and we will adapt it to the location where you are based in Florence. Given the amount of places to be seen, we have decided to propose it to you in two forms: a longer and a shorter version. This is the longer version of the tour. You can contact us by email for any inquiry related to the short version.

We start from Calimaruzza, in the heart of the city center, where we will be able to see the remains of the South Gate (part of the piers and the Roman pavement) and the termination of the Roman aqueduct. It will be a unique experience to have someone open for us the doors of a private residence, and discover evidences of the Roman legacy of Florence in the basement of a building!

A visit to Piazza della Repubblica is a must, to reconnect with the Roman forum, the “Colonna dell’Abbondanza”, and the famous city axes, the cardo and the decumanus.

The Duomo (which in its left side is built on part of the Roman walls) and the adjacent Baptistery represent other must-visit sites on our journey inside the Roman Florence. Outside the Baptistery there is a bas-relief of the Roman era; under the Baptistery a Roman “domus” has been discovered, while the North Gate was nearby.

Before refreshing ourselves, we will visit the Archaeological Museum, to see Roman models and sculptures and also the Cortile dei Fiorentini, full of archaeological material coming from the Roman era.

For lunch, we thought of a very tasty stop, in a place that combines great food (menu mainly based on fish) with a location of absolute charm, because of the remains of the Lombard era that are in the basement! Well yes, even at lunch we won’t let you distract your attention from the past ages of Florence…

After this enjoyable stop, we will head to the Roman baths that are under the beautiful torre della Pagliazza. Another gem, that we will take you to visit and that you will have the chance to see, in the context of a charming little square in the center of Florence.

Approaching the final part of the tour, we will move to Piazza della Signoria, where many Roman remains are concentrated: the Thermae Maximae, a church, and the “fullonica” (a sort of laundry / dyeing room, used for the preparation of colors with a series of tanks and inclined surfaces). And then Palazzo Vecchio, with the remains of the Roman theater and its “archaeological itinerary” that we’ll do together.

Moving to Piazza S.Croce, we will pass from Via del Proconsolo (where parts of the Roman walls and a tower from the Roman era are visible), Piazza San Firenze (where the temple dedicated to Isis was located), and then we will reach the area where the Florentia amphitheater stood. Its exact location can be determined, since the medieval buildings (including the properties of the Peruzzi family) and their subsequent renovations have been set up on the remains of the amphitheater’s perimeter structures. This is where we will also find the time to enjoy a glass of wine and toast to the Romans! Our short break will take place in a wine bar where you would not think to find remains of the Roman age of Florence…

Crossing Ponte Vecchio (where the statue of Mars was to be found), we will end the tour in Piazza Santa Felicita, site of an early Christian church and an underground Christian cemetery.

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The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Pick-up at your apartment in the center of Florence
  • 8 hour guided walking tour of Florence (available in English, German, or Italian)
  • The tour starts between 8:30am and 9am
  • Ticket to enter the Archaeological Museum for the day of the visit
  • Ticket to the “Archaeological Itinerary” inside Palazzo Vecchio for the day of the visit
  • Glass of wine in a special place that reconnects with the Roman foundations of Florence
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Lunch is arranged but not included in the price you pay
  • There is no mean of transport included
  • This guided tour is available only in the indicated languages (English, Spanish, Italian) and not available in any other language